Informal letter

Villa primavera 225 concon

February 29

Dear Jose Luis Lamata feliz.

Hello Jose Luis Lamata feliz how are you? How is your family ? I’m sorry to don’t accept your invitation to Africa and your home but I can’t because I have to go with my family  to the house of my grandpa in York shire to a family reunion.

I have play the game that you suggested to me, I don’t like a lot but is good, I have played it with my dad, he said that he don’t like games of basketball .

Have you ever seen elefant in Africa? or a giraffe? Or a rhino? If not, when we go to Africa I will invite you to a safari to see the elefant giraffe rihno or cocodrile and hippopotamus, it will be so excited.

Ps: when we go to your house we have to play the game tha you suggest me, and in the school I have do a lot of sport.